• how to make perfect almond butter | detoxinista

    How To Make PERFECT Almond Butter | Detoxinista

    Here’s how to make almond butter at home, with step-by-step photos. No added oil required!Hi, I tried to make my butter with sprouted almonds but I forgot to dry. what can I do now they are sitting in my ninja blender all crumbed up together. hoping you Lily

  • whole egg mayonnaise recipe - allrecipes

    Whole Egg Mayonnaise Recipe - Allrecipes

    I used a dollop of dijon mustard instead of the dry mustard and I used olive oil. If you use the olive oil, make sure it is the very light olive oil or it will be bitter

  • flax seed butter recipe - flax seeds spread | tickling palates

    Flax Seed Butter Recipe - Flax Seeds Spread | Tickling Palates

    I have added coconut oil to make this butter. But you can use olive, peanut, sunflower oil or even cold pressed flax seed oil if you can get hold of it. But I love using coconut oil much more than olive oil, as coconut oil is more flavoursome and eating the flax seed

  • 4 ways to make coconut milk - wikihow

    4 Ways to Make Coconut Milk - wikiHow

    How to Make Coconut Milk. Coconut milk is commonly used as a base in Indian and Thai recipes, and it makes a delicious addition to smoothies and many desserts. Canned coconut milk can be expensive, but you can easily make your own from...

  • what is the perfect chocolate cupcake recipe? | yahoo answers

    what is the perfect chocolate cupcake recipe? | Yahoo Answers

    3/4 cup sugar (after measusing powder the sugar in a dry mixie) 1 and 1/4 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 3 tbsp cocoa (not drinking chocloate but proper cocoa) 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 cup oil (sunflower/canola/olive oil, any one) 2 tsp vanillla essence 1.Pre

  • whole wheat flour cake recipe | chocolate cake| atta cake | healthy veg recipes

    Whole Wheat Flour Cake Recipe | Chocolate Cake| Atta Cake | Healthy Veg Recipes

    My kids love it and as it is whole wheat flour cake (aate ka cake), I don’t mind to stuff them with it …it contains dates and dry fruits which makes it a perfect healthy cake…if you r very diet conscious you can make it without oil and instead of sugar use sugar-free…

  • paati vaithiyam -cure for sure: homemade natural oil for hair growth

    Paati Vaithiyam -Cure for sure: Homemade Natural Oil for Hair Growth

    After 10 min. while taking bath you can wash off excess oil using green gram powder. Apply this homemade amla hair oil twice or thrice a week or at least once in a week. Brahmi Hair Oil Recipe

  • fail-proof homemade mayonnaise recipe - inspired taste – easy recipes for home cooks

    Fail-Proof Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe - Inspired Taste – Easy Recipes for Home Cooks

    Using whole eggs instead of just the yolk, makes this homemade mayonnaise recipe practically fail-proof and extra easy.Say goodbye to dry and flavorless pork chops. With a few simple tricks, you can make juicy and tender pork chops with very little fuss.

  • how to make dry fruits powder for babies easily at home? - my little moppet

    How to make Dry Fruits Powder For Babies easily at Home? - My Little Moppet

    Learn how to make Dry fruits powder for babies is the one of best weight gaining food for baby, it can be added to porridges for babies and given as dry fruits milkshake4. Powder all the roasted ingredients together in a mixie. Add the nutmeg powder and turmeric

  • how to make garelu crispy

    How to make garelu crispy

    ... which you can easily make this Hello I am Sonia Sharma today I will make corn vada This is very delicious recipe you can also make it at home. com/watch/v=ZuLzg5zC1XQHow to make medu Vada in telugu How to make

  • achappam / rose cookies (recipe with step by step pictures)

    Achappam / Rose Cookies (Recipe With Step By Step Pictures)

    You can also make it with just rice flour, in that case use 1 cup rice flour and follow the rest of the recipe.If you are using a brand new mould, make sure you season it before using. After using the mould, wash and dry it and grease it with some oil. If you do

  • the do's & don'ts of making nut butter - juliemorris.netjuliemorris.net

    The Do's & Don'ts of Making Nut Butter - JulieMorris.netJulieMorris.net

    Hi Matt, oil is really your only choice, although you can make it a healthier choice by using a great Omega-3 rich oil like hemp oil or flax oil, or even coconut oil. A suggestion: before you add oil, next time try grinding down your peanuts a few minutes longer. It is

  • homemade coconut milk recipe | wellness mama

    Homemade Coconut Milk Recipe | Wellness Mama

    Make your own homemade coconut milk with only shredded coconut and water for a simple, inexpensive and healthy drink.I’ve been using coconut products for years, especially coconut oil. Coconut milk is a wonderful alternative to pasteurized cow’s milk or

  • how to make your own sugar scrub - all things style, fashion, and dating

    How to Make Your Own Sugar Scrub - All Things Style, Fashion, and Dating

    Why drop loads of cash on a sugar scrub when you can make your own using basic ingredients found in any kitchen?Buy this at any health food store. Or try sweet almond oil, jojoba oil (pricey, but delicious), avocado oil, grapeseed oil, safflower, olive and even

  • homemade appam recipe / easy appam recipe / appam batter in mixie

    Homemade Appam Recipe / Easy Appam Recipe / Appam Batter in Mixie

    wipe it with some oil using a paper towel take a ladleful of batter and pour it in swirl the pan to coat the sides coat it once it all spreaded cover with a lid

  • homemade rice flour / how to make rice flour at home - yummy tummy

    Homemade Rice Flour / How to Make Rice Flour at Home - Yummy Tummy

    / Homemade Rice Flour / How to Make Rice Flour at Home Homemade Rice Flour / How to Make Rice Flour at Home Spread theIt will take lots of time. You can make this in bulk and give this to mill, this way it will be more finer and less fuss. 3)If you grind

  • the easiest way to grind flax seed - wikihow

    The Easiest Way to Grind Flax Seed - wikiHow

    How to Grind Flax Seed. Flaxseed is a nutritious seed rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants. To properly absorbs the nutrients from flaxseed, it must be ground up before consuming. You can either grind flaxseed by hand or...

  • sunflower seeds laddu / energy balls - vegcookbook by praveena

    Sunflower Seeds Laddu / Energy Balls - VegCookBook by Praveena

    Generally, I try to incorporate sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, watermelon seeds etc occassionally in my cooking.

  • coconut chutney recipe, how to make coconut chutney | chutney recipes

    coconut chutney recipe, how to make coconut chutney | chutney recipes

    you can even add 2 to 3 dry kashmiri red chillies and make a red coconut chutney. a bit of tamarind can be added if using dry red chillies to balance the pungency and heat of the

  • home made lime pickle - my veg fare

    Home made Lime Pickle - My Veg Fare

    1/2 cup oil ( I use sunflower oil / Gingely oil ) 1 tbsp of Mustard seeds 1/4 tsp Asafoetida METHOD First of all wash the Limes and wipe them clean, Keep a clean and dry container and salt ready.

  • home made lime pickle - my veg fare

    Home made Lime Pickle - My Veg Fare

    1/2 cup oil ( I use sunflower oil / Gingely oil ) 1 tbsp of Mustard seeds 1/4 tsp Asafoetida METHOD First of all wash the Limes and wipe them clean, Keep a clean and dry container and salt ready.

  • were can i extract my soy oil in kenya

    were can i extract my soy oil in kenya

    How cooking oil is made - material, manufacture, … The Chinese and Japanese produced soy oil as1600s and used until the 1800s to extract oil,machine that can make cooking oil fromRead More

  • watermelon seeds rice recipe by archana's kitchen

    Watermelon Seeds Rice Recipe by Archana's Kitchen

    How to make Watermelon Seeds Rice Recipe To begin making Watermelon Seeds Rice Recipe, dry roast the watermelon seeds and dry red chilies until the seeds start spluttering and popping. Turn of the heat and let them cool. Once cooled, transfer the dry

  • homemade chocolate recipe, how to make homemade chocolate

    Homemade chocolate recipe, how to make homemade chocolate

    Homemade chocolate recipe, an easy, tasty chocolate recipe that's kids love. Learn how to make chocolate at home with cocoa powder, butter & milk powder.Tips Wrap them in colored papers and gift to family and friends. You can add crushed nuts of your

  • how to get fair skin at home naturally with home remedies | pink and pink

    How To Get Fair Skin At Home Naturally with Home Remedies | Pink and Pink

    Instead of using the fairness creams that are readily available in the current market, you can consider using effective home remedies to get fair skin that lasts for a long period of time. Mother Nature has been kind enough to provide a diversified range of materials that

  • iyengar thaligai: february 2013

    Iyengar Thaligai: February 2013

    Sunflower oil- 1 teaspoon Preparation of Batter Soak thoor dhal, bengal gram and urid dhall together in water for 2 hoursAfter cooking you can make pieces of idly. If using idly plate : Fill the idly plates with batter Keep the plate in a pressure cooker Add 2

  • safflower oil hair alternative care growth loss seed remedies health herbs herbal massage

    Safflower oil hair alternative care growth loss seed remedies Health Herbs Herbal Massage

    It is possible to make your hair healthier by using any kind of oil to it. The point behind applying oil to your hair is to condition it. Oil is an excellent conditioner, especially for dry and breaking hair. The reason oil is applied to hair is to nourish the roots. The oil will

  • best rated in food processors & helpful customer reviews - .in

    Best Rated in Food Processors & Helpful Customer Reviews - .in

    Make pure oil at home Excellent machine to produce oil at home. We are used extract oil from coconut, badam, peanuts, sesame, flax seeds and sun flower seeds. Performance is good and also easy to operate and clean. I strongly recommend to every one to

  • amuthis kitchen - south indian recipes

    Amuthis Kitchen - South Indian Recipes

    Can also roast it slightly. Dry chilli flakes can also be added instead of chilli powder The flavour is enhanced when coconut oil is used for frying.I have tried this using canola oil and also sunflower oil. Make the thattais little thin.If it is too thick, then inner part may