• an evaluation of the impact of epoxidized neem seed oil

    An Evaluation of the Impact of Epoxidized Neem Seed Oil

    1.368 respectively. The epoxidized oil was used to cross-link prepared soybean adhesive. FTIR and Water Resistance analysis of the modified and unmodified soybean adhesive indicates that the modified soybean adhesive shows better performance in terms of bond strength and water resistance. Keywords:

  • suitability of soybean seed oil as transformer oil - ijesrt


    that the density is 0.940 (g ml–1), viscosity, 7.29 (cst), Flash Point 250oC, and dielectric strength of 21(KV) values, of Soybean seed oil as transformer oil produced under optimized conditions meet the ASTM standard and was within the acceptable limits as transformer oil. These showed that soybean seed oil is a potential feed

  • (pdf) comparative evaluation of some metals in palm oil

    (PDF) Comparative Evaluation of Some Metals in Palm Oil

    Comparative Evaluation of Some Metals in Palm Oil, Groundnut Oil and Soybean Oil from Nigeria. the degree of exposure to these stressors and the strength of response and adaptive capacities

  • mass-volume-area related and mechanical properties of soybean


    nology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria B.O. Akintunde bean oil is highly digestible, has a low iodine value and can be used for manufacture compressive strength of soybean

  • (pdf) effects of phosphoric acid on physico-chemical

    (PDF) effects of phosphoric acid on physico-chemical

    0.061% and eicosienic 0.0001% for degummed soybean oil. . The result indicated among others, the oil contain high degree The results of a 27−4 III model showed that the strength and the

  • comparative study of neem seed oil and watermelon seed oil as

    Comparative Study of Neem Seed Oil and Watermelon Seed Oil as

    cottonseed oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, soybean and corn oils have been experimentally tested and found to an excellent quenchants economically, environmentally, and performance resulting to less distortion (Tagaya, Tamura, 1954). Neem seeds and watermelon seeds are some of the species which grow abundantly in Northern Nigeria,

  • production, characterisation and fatty acid composition of

    Production, Characterisation and Fatty Acid Composition of

    Jatropha is grown mainly to demarcate plots of land in Nigeria. Its oil has not been exploited for fuel purpose in the country [3] . Due to the chosen strength of

  • characterization of desma pentadesma seed and oil


    NIGERIA * fabunmia@yahoo.com ABSTRACT In this study, the characterization of desma seed and oil was carried out to determine the biochemical properties of the seed, physco-chemical and nutritional qualities of the oil using standard procedure. The

  • university of nigeria

    University of Nigeria

    University of Nigeria Research Publications Author Classes of oil and their iodine number soybean and sunflower oils,

  • foam production using soya bean oil as surfactant | r.o

    Foam production using soya bean oil as surfactant | R.o

    Foam production using soya bean oil as surfactant , methyl chloride and silicone oil were supplied by Bode foam Nigeria limited Ibadan. , specific iodine